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Avigilon Cameras and ACC (Avigilon Control Centre)

The Avigilon Control Centre (ACC) software records and manages audio and video using high-definition stream management (HDSM) technology. to handle the bandwidth and storage requirements of multi-megapixel video streams.

Borsch Security System

Bosch is the leading alarm provided, offering alarms for small to large business with integrated access control system

Dahua Camera, NVR and recorders

Dahua Technology provides its customers with unparalleled value by delivering superior quality, reliability and stability. Dahua products are based on an open platform that enhances flexibility and system integration, while offering airtight video data security. In addition to its core video surveillance product line.

Ubiquiti Networks Wireless‚Äč

Ubiquiti's brands include airMAX & airFiber for Outdoor Wireless, UniFi, Bullet, NanoStation, NanoStation Loco, PicoStation and RouterStation series of managed wired & wireless networking products, as well as sunMAX Grid-tied solar kits.